Traps and Trapping Techniques

A technique for capturing bugs is to have a light or flashlight near your bed, so you can quickly turn an hour before dawn which is when the bug is most active. If the light switch is far from the bed and getting up is necessary, it is preferable to have a flashlight, to not alert the bugs and do not give them time to hide before capture.

If you are awake, turn off the light and have the flashlight around and inspect the mattress. The bed bugs are not slow in their movement, some move as fast as ants. If they are fatter because they just feed on blood, will move slower.

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You can use sticky traps in some areas around the house or bed to protect, can be used along with some attractant such as a heat source such as thermal blankets or similar inflated balloons with our mouths, they are a source of carbon dioxide and this last attracts the bugs, this method can be used to trap and thus detect the bed bugs.

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of this method. There are also commercial traps like flea traps whose effectiveness is also questionable except for use as a means of detection.

Perhaps the easiest method to catch bed bugs is to place long stretches of double-sided adhesive strip around or near the bed to protect it. You should check the strips after a day or more.

Interesting fact: The spider Thanatus flavidus has proven to be a predator of bed bugs.

Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug

In this article we are going to explain you about the life cycle of the bed bug. From the beginning to the end.

Let’s start with the adults. Adults are about 4 to 7 mm with a flattened body. Their color is brown to reddish brown once they have fed. The head is short in comparison to the body and it has a proboscis, from where it sucks the blood and also the antennae, which is mainly used to find the most accurate spots from where to suck the blood. The head is also where you can find the developed eyes. Moving on to the body, it contains 3 pairs of legs that are quite similar between them, with 3-segmented tarsi and 2 nails. Upper surface of body sparsely covered with short golden hair, usually shorter than the diameter of the second antennal segment.

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The cycle includes the egg, 5 nymphal and adult stages. Nymphs are similar to adults in morphology and habits.
Females can, if well fed up to 200-300 eggs in her life with a rate of 12 eggs per day. The eggs are placed on hard surfaces and covered with a sticky substance that adheres to the objects to which they are deposited. They are white and 1 mm long. Incubation of the egg to the emergence takes 6 to 20 days approximately.

The cycle from egg to adult is 7 to 18 weeks depending on temperature and humidity conditions. Below 16 º C, adults enter a state of semi-hibernation and the development is interrupted. With food and normal reproductive cycles, individuals can live between 6 and 12 months.

The preferred host of bed bugs is the human being but in his absence, they will feed on poultry, canaries, pigeons, mice, rats, guinea pigs and bats.

The bed bug hides in cracks and crevices during the day and comes out at night to feed. Typically it can be found along buttons and seams of mattresses, any crack in the wooden frame, where the brackets are attached.

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Other places you should check is the wall hanging items like picture frames, desks, upholstered furniture, baseboards, floor cracks, behind loose wallpaper, the outlet covers and light keys, door frames and windows, light pipes, etc.

In severe infestations, the bed bug can be found in hollow walls, attics and other enclosed areas. They can move long distances to obtain their blood meal.

Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become ubiquitous, that is, seem to be everywhere! Are smaller than mosquitoes and also much harder to kill. And more frightening than the hungriest of the vampires because it seems that we can not hide from them. Fighting bed bugs can be quite frustrating, but you can regain your home and your life. Here’s how.

To begin
Although you try to fight bed bugs on your own, you should know that most commercial solutions to rid yourself of the infestation of bed bugs are not as effective as professional grade. Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that you find a reputable exterminator who fight with you!

Step One
Take all clothes, shoes, pillows, etc and put them in garbage bags. Empty bags in the dryer. Put the dryer on high for one hour. The heat will kill any bugs you find on your way between these objects. Repeat until all the clothes, sheets, towels, etc. were dried.

Do not forget
All dolls, decorative pillows, blankets, towels, everything must be put in the dryer. And do not forget your pets too! Every pad, rug or blanket that your pet uses should also be dried using a high temperature.

DO NOT return the newly dried clothes in the garbage bag. Use a clean one! Dispose of bags used by putting it in a bigger bag and sealed to prevent any rebel bug escape.

Step Two
Apply the chemical solution, or have your pest control professional apply the solution to all affected areas. Exterminators will apply it in any area where bugs could be hiding, including carpets, cupboards, drawers, etc. If you’re doing it yourself, do not forget these areas!

Step Three
Use mattress and mattress covers specifically guaranteed to prevent bugs from entering all home beds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Home monitors for any signs that the infestation is still active. If so, you may need to repeat the steps, or call the exterminators to return.

Most exterminators guarantee their work for a specified period. Review their policy before hiring them.

A bit of information
An adult female bed bug measures 5.5 mm long on average, and lays an average of 5 eggs per day, continuously. She just needs to eat blood repeatedly for several weeks to begin playback. The eggs of the bug open after 7-12 days, and it takes only 6 times of blood feeding before reaching adult size.

How to find bed bugs

To learn how to find bed bugs, you must first learn what a bed bug looks like. You can see on the picture on the right the life cycle of a bed bug and how it looks at each of the steps. From the egg comes out a young nymph which is white or red in color depending on if it has recently fed on human blood or not. Mature bed bugs are of brownish color, and have a flattened elliptical shape. The female is more circular while the male is more elongated. Knowing this, remember that by contrast, nymphs will hard to see on light surfaces while mature bed bugs will be harder to see on darker surfaces.

How to find bed bugs – Where do they hide?

In order to know how to find bed bugs, you must be aware that bed bugs are most likely to hide in bedrooms, where they feed on their sleeping victims. They hate light and will tend to hide in dark areas such as:

How to find bed bugs is knowing where they hide:

  • Around the bed mattress
  • Any other hidden parts of the bed
  • In wall cracks
  • In floor cracks
  • In furniture
  • Behind portraits hanging on the wall
  • Within the electrical outlets

However, keep in mind that bed bugs will follow their food supply and that is you or any other member of your household. Thus, if you think sleeping on the couch is safe, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, bed bugs will migrate to where you tend to spend your sleeping hours and if you sleep in different places around your house you will aggravate your bed bug problem and scatter the parasites all around the house. Therefore, you should not restrict your search strictly to the bedroom. Although it is the most likely place you will find them, you can possibly find them in other places such as your living room couch or living room furniture. The longer you have been infested, the more chance the bed bugs will be scattered around your home. How to find bed bugs can be tedious but you do not want to let this problem get out of hand or they will totally invade your home.

How to find bed bugs – The search process

Now that you know where they hide most of the time, lets talk about a methodical way we can use and really how to find bed bugs.

How to find bed bugs by knowing how to search:

  • Find yourself a strong bright flashlight and optionally a magnifying glass and get to the bedroom. Bed bugs tend to come out near 3-4 am so if you can manage to check at this time, you may improve your chances of catching them. Close the lights off and check the pillows and mattress carefully. Bed bugs will usually leave brown or reddish stains on bedding surfaces. This is actually their feces from eating your blood.
  • Ask someone to help you lift the mattress slowly in order to check under the box spring, one of the favorite hiding places of bed bugs.
  • Check in cracks near the bed, in floor, walls, and/or furniture.
  • Inspect near any clutter. Bed bugs love this.
  • Repeat for all bedrooms in the house.

If you can, prior to performing your investigation, it may be preferable to buy some white bed sheets as it will make the search process much more efficient than colored bed sheets. Using the same principles as above, you may also want to look around your couch or any other place where human blood hangs out for prolonged periods of time. How to find bed bugs is all about knowing where their food supplies hang out without moving most of time.

How to find bed bugs – Conclusion

You should now have a pretty good idea how to find bed bugs in your home if you have been infested at all. We hope for your sake that you have not, but, in case you have, keep in mind that there are many tips, tools, and products to help your war against these annoying parasites, which we will discuss in a future article, but it was important to first learn how to find bed bugs.

How to prevent bed bugs

The bed bugs are a real problem nowadays. People of almost all parts of the world suffer with it. These terrible creations are able to make a real nightmare of the people’s life. It is always very difficult to get rid of the bed bugs. Here is the main reason why it will be better just to prevent their apparition in the house. It is very easy to do it, because there are many useful recommendations for the people, who want to know how to prevent bed bugs.

In most cases, people bring the bugs to home from the different trips. That’s why it essential to check the thing before coming back home. There are must be no little blood spots on the linen. They usually appear, when the people crash the bed bugs during their sleep. But they also can get inwards of the house by the many of other ways. The bed bugs can be just passed from one house to another. They can be brought by the pets. At last they can be spread by another people, who come to your house. The can just hide in the cloth or their belongings.

Bed bug eggs

If one wants to know how to prevent bed bugs, he should know that these terrible bugs can hide very well and it is usually very difficult to find them. It is necessary to check the beds, mattresses and the linen all the time, especially when you stay for the night in another place. Especially much attention must be paid to the hotels. It is also very important to check all the furniture, because they can be even there. If you have found bugs, you must put them into some plastic packing. It will prevent them from passing outside and getting into your cloth and linen. It will be very good, if you are able to burn them.

Another advice will also show how to prevent bed bugs very effectively. First of all it is suggested to splash all the belongings and clothes with the special bed bugs sprays. Most of them don’t cause any side effect. But same are based on the toxic ingredients. So, it is recommended to pay attention on it, because the toxic substances can bring harm for the children health.

Bed bugs signs/Signs of bed bugs

Here are also some consultations, which help to learn how to prevent bed bugs. If it is possible, all the usual bed mattresses must be changed for the special hypoallergenic ones. They prevent the bugs from getting inside the bed. The bigger effect from the prevention will be achieved, if the bed sheets will be of a white color. The thing is that it is much easier to see the deleterious bed bugs and the blood stains on the white linen than one the many-colored one.

All the furniture, toys and carpets must be vacuumed at any rate one time in a week. It will prevent the apartment not only from the bugs, but from their eggs too. The doctors often advise to use the special steamer instead of common vacuum cleaner. But it is rather expensive device, though its effect is really astonishing.

For the receiving of the positive results in the bed bug prevention it is very helpfully to use special bug traps. They can be bought in any shop without problems. They are rather effective and are allowed to use in the houses with kids and pets. They don’t cause unhealthy side effects. By the way, different bug powders and sprays can be also used in this situation.

Bed bugs signs/Signs of bed bugs

Bed bugs are real vampires, they drink human blood and act only at night when you do not wait for their deeds. This kind of pests grows in its quantity very fast. This may be one of the bed bugs signs. If you noticed that some kind of insects in your home multiplies its numerous population very fast this may be signs of bed bug. Be careful with such bed bugs signs. In spite of the fact that bed bugs are very small and their bites may be not painful, they can cause intensive problems in the case if they will act without any restriction.

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Maybe some entomologists will melt the size of these tiny creatures but it is not in our case. They, I mean bed bugs, can bring you discomfort while sleeping. Bed bugs signs can also include severe itching. The morning comes and with the bright sunshine on your face you also feel itching on it (or neck or your arms)… This means that only you were sleeping well this night. An army of small red soldiers had a great supper where the main dish was your warm blood. As a rule they make such attacks at the middle of the night and early morning (from one to five in the morning). This is also one of the sides of bed bugs signs – they bite people only at night.

When bed bugs bite an individual they inject some quantity of their salvia into the body of a person. This may cause such unpleasant things as itching, inflammation of the skin on bitten places and sleeping discomfort.

If you feel all that is mentioned above it means that you have bright bed bugs signs.
If you feel yourself as a victim it is the right time to show these blood suckers who is the “daddy” in your house. First of all you will need to find the place of their dislocation. You can find signs of bed bugs near your bed and on the place of sleeping itself. It is not hard to notice red bugs under mattresses, pillows or blankets. You just need to find some free time and devote it to the searching of bed bugs signs. You should be very attentive in order not to miss these signs. Bugs themselves and their eggs can be bright evidences of their presence in your home. After searching signs in your bed you should move to furniture and inspect them carefully too.

Bed bugs bites are rather dangerous for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. It is not a common result for bed bugs bites but in a few cases they can cause an anaphylactic reaction. This kind of irritation in its turn can lead to a skin allergy or asthmatic reaction. That is why people who have these diseases should be very attentive to their places of living and sleeping. When they notice some bed bugs signs in their homes they should act very quickly to avoid serious problems with their health.

Very sensitive people can also suffer from bed bugs. I mean not only physical health, but also psychological. In a great danger are people who suffer from paranoia. If you have such people in your surrounding please, be very attentive to them and their words. If you feel some doubts do not be lazy and help them to investigate their places of leaving (especially beds) and find evidences that they are right or show them that they have no serious reason for their fears.

If you find bed bugs signs, the best way is to ask for a help specialists among bed bugs exterminators.

Bed bug eggs

Bed bugs are always very dangerous for the people. But bed bug eggs also can bring a lot of troubles. It is always very hard to find them at home, because of their small size. They are even less than the granule of the send. That’s why it is impossible to see them. Almost all the time, the female bed bugs lay their eggs in the hidden places, especially in the crackles. They also often hide in the mattresses of the beds. That’s why soon the sleep of the people can turn into a real nightmare. Bed bugs can also live in furniture. It is essential to examine all the pieces of furniture in the house during the cleaning. They produce at least onу egg in the day. But in some cases it produces several eggs in one day. So their amount increases all the time. During the term of the life one female bed bug usually produces nearly two hundreds of the eggs. First of all the bed bug eggs look like the tiny white eggs. The female bed bugs also produce special substance. It covers very carefully the bed bug eggs and safes them very effectively. They are almost attached to the surface of the floor or the bed with the help of this substance. But in this period of their life it is already possible to destroy them. It is better to try to brush them or clean with the hot water with some addition of the Clorox. Then the entire house must be vacuumed, because some of the eggs can survive. The vacuum cleaner helps to complete the removal.

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Some of the specialists advise to use special powder, which are able to remove not only bugs, but bed bug eggs too. It is very important to pay attention to their ingredients, because some of them have the toxic substances as the basic elements. They can damage the human health. Such cures are especially dangerous for the small children. Some doctors advise to take the alcohol sprays for this reason. They are very effective and don’t cause the side effects.

The bugs can survive only in the warm temperature. The cold air destroys them. That’s why the bugs always try to live in the protected warm place. The houses have all the necessary conditions for their safe life.

It is necessary to know that the hot temperature can do a lot of harm for the bed bug eggs. It is useful information for the people, who want to get rid of them. They can be easily killed with the help of the special steamers. Such devises are often used by the bugs’ exterminators. By the way, such treatment does no harm for the peoples or their belongings.

Bed bugs signs/Signs of bed bugs

When the bed bug eggs start to grow, they begin to look for the blood, which is their only meal. They begin to increase in the size very quickly. It will be much easier to see and remove them. But in the same time, they begin to damage people, living in the house. Their growth in this period is very intensive. Almost during the month the bed bug eggs will turn into the adult insects. They cause a lot of problems to the people. They suck the blood and cause terrible pain and the itching of the skin. They also help different infection to pass into the blood. It is very important to get rid of them as quickly, as it is possible.

In some degree even the nature can help to fight with the bed bug eggs. The thing is, that there are some another insects, which kills these parasites and help to prevent people from the bug bites.