Stink Bugs Infestation

As you were reading through the pages of my website you have probably got to the idea that the Stink Bugs in big populations are a pest. The Shield Bugs infestation comes in two ways, which are related in their nature. However, bring two completely different but unpleasant experiences:

  • Infestation in your garden or farm
  • Infestation in your house

Farm and Garden Stink Bugs Infestation

The gardens and farms where the Stink Bugs can find a lot of their preferred food are prone to infestations. Generally having a few bugs on your fruits or vegetables is not considered dangerous for your production even though they may damage a few of your tomatoes or apples or whatever they find tasty.

The real problem starts when a big population of Shield Bugs invades your territory.

When a bug goes over a tomato, for example, it will suck juices from different places of it. At the end the parts which were in the menu of the bugs will become yellowish and damaged.

There are different ways to fight an infestation on your farm, including insecticides and home made non-toxic solutions. However, most of the suggested ways and methods are barely working or with just a temporary effect.

House Stink Bugs Infestation

You are probably thinking “OK Mike. The gardens and farms are normal targets, but why my home?”

As mentioned before the house and garden invasions are closely related. Usually, before getting into your home the Shield Bugs are attracted to something around it.

Yes, you guessed right! There is a garden, a fruit tree or whatever they may feed on in the area of your living place. Two major reasons exist for the insects to seek refuge in the house – the light and the heat.

First, they are attracted by the light in your house and when they get in, they find out that it’s actually nice and warm there so before you even realize what is going on you may already have a problem to fight with.

The Shield Bugs are not easy to find once in your dwelling. They are looking for areas, which are outside of imminent danger, so those will be the dark and isolated corners of your house.

I am sure (as I have noticed this myself) you have seen them appear when the summer ends and the colder months start coming. This is because they are looking to escape from the harsh weather outside and what better place they can find than your “Home! Sweet home!” Once they get inside they may get into a period when they are not very active, so you might not even notice them.

When the winter comes and it is colder, you will be producing more heat in your house to warm up. This heat, however, makes the Stink Bugs active again, and you will start seeing them already coming out randomly. Before you know it, more and more of them will invade your place. Bear in mind that the Stink Bugs are reproducing very fast, so it’s not a hard task for them to take over territories like your home.

The smelly toxin produced by your new “friends” actually attracts more to come. You have probably brought their eggs inside the house by accident (on your shoes), or they have targeted you randomly. Once they are in, they are not planning to go anywhere else, unless you take serious measures.

The smell they produce can last for four to eight months, and that is why they keep coming. Only once you got rid of the “older” Stink Bugs and prevented the “new generation” from stepping in, you may consider your house completely Stink Bug free. However, prepare yourself – it’s not going to be an easy fight.