Stink Bugs Facts

General Stink Bugs Facts

Stink Bugs or Shield Bugs are a part of the Pentatomidae insect family. The antennae of the insects in the family have five segments, and this is where the name comes from (Greek: pente which means “five” and tomos meaning “segment” or “section”). Their bodies are often with the shape of a shield, and the forewings are hardened. And that is where the name “Shield Bug” comes from.

They are originating from Asia. However, we can see them more and more in the US and other countries around the world. A theory suggests that they have been “imported” (obviously illegally) with the merchant ships coming from the Asian countries (mainly China).

Hey, this is what I call a “good” deal – importing “goods” without a proper demand!

Stink Bugs Facts – Where Does Their Name Come From?

Well, I wish I could tell you that the name originates from some myths and legends, which are not even close to the truth. Regrettably, I have to disappoint you – Stink Bugs actually stink! The smell they emit is a protective reaction to outside threats. Furthermore, if you smash one of them, you will definitely feel this horrid odor. So if you plan on killing a Shield Bug with your slipper or sneaker remember to wash it very well after that.


Stink Bugs Facts – What Do They Eat?

Have you heard that Shield Bugs are an agricultural pest? Well, if you haven’t, now you have the answer to your question. The insects are sucking juices from plants and also have a damaging effect on farm crops. An interesting fact is that they are picky in their diet. A Shield Bug is usually “biting” here and there from the fruits and plants, leaving behind a devastated garden or farm. Why am I saying devastated? Well, these little “fellas” have the habit of growing huge populations. Now imagine you have a whole army of “diet picky” Stink Bugs attacking your precious garden or farm products. You get my point.


Stink Bugs Facts – Do They Fly?

Yes they do. As mentioned earlier the insects from the Pentatomidae family have harder top wings, but they also have membranous under-wings. The need of fresh and new food is their major driving force to fly from crop to crop, garden to garden and farm to farm.


Stink Bugs Facts – Do They Bite?

The answer to this question is short and simple – yes they do when they feel in danger. When they bite you, it will cause a blister or a rash like inflammation. Nothing to worry about though, the bite does not have any long term effects, and you need to treat it the same way you treat any other insect bite.


Stink Bugs Facts – Will They Come In Your House?

Unfortunately Stink Bugs are not only a garden pest but very often we can see them invade houses. Now if having them eating and damaging your garden production was an annoyance, living with them is even a bigger one. They will fly around you, share your bed, bite you and most importantly stink! Having a whole army of them in your house will test all your senses at once, so be prepared for a war!