How to find bed bugs

To learn how to find bed bugs, you must first learn what a bed bug looks like. You can see on the picture on the right the life cycle of a bed bug and how it looks at each of the steps. From the egg comes out a young nymph which is white or red in color depending on if it has recently fed on human blood or not. Mature bed bugs are of brownish color, and have a flattened elliptical shape. The female is more circular while the male is more elongated. Knowing this, remember that by contrast, nymphs will hard to see on light surfaces while mature bed bugs will be harder to see on darker surfaces.

How to find bed bugs – Where do they hide?

In order to know how to find bed bugs, you must be aware that bed bugs are most likely to hide in bedrooms, where they feed on their sleeping victims. They hate light and will tend to hide in dark areas such as:

How to find bed bugs is knowing where they hide:

  • Around the bed mattress
  • Any other hidden parts of the bed
  • In wall cracks
  • In floor cracks
  • In furniture
  • Behind portraits hanging on the wall
  • Within the electrical outlets

However, keep in mind that bed bugs will follow their food supply and that is you or any other member of your household. Thus, if you think sleeping on the couch is safe, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, bed bugs will migrate to where you tend to spend your sleeping hours and if you sleep in different places around your house you will aggravate your bed bug problem and scatter the parasites all around the house. Therefore, you should not restrict your search strictly to the bedroom. Although it is the most likely place you will find them, you can possibly find them in other places such as your living room couch or living room furniture. The longer you have been infested, the more chance the bed bugs will be scattered around your home. How to find bed bugs can be tedious but you do not want to let this problem get out of hand or they will totally invade your home.

How to find bed bugs – The search process

Now that you know where they hide most of the time, lets talk about a methodical way we can use and really how to find bed bugs.

How to find bed bugs by knowing how to search:

  • Find yourself a strong bright flashlight and optionally a magnifying glass and get to the bedroom. Bed bugs tend to come out near 3-4 am so if you can manage to check at this time, you may improve your chances of catching them. Close the lights off and check the pillows and mattress carefully. Bed bugs will usually leave brown or reddish stains on bedding surfaces. This is actually their feces from eating your blood.
  • Ask someone to help you lift the mattress slowly in order to check under the box spring, one of the favorite hiding places of bed bugs.
  • Check in cracks near the bed, in floor, walls, and/or furniture.
  • Inspect near any clutter. Bed bugs love this.
  • Repeat for all bedrooms in the house.

If you can, prior to performing your investigation, it may be preferable to buy some white bed sheets as it will make the search process much more efficient than colored bed sheets. Using the same principles as above, you may also want to look around your couch or any other place where human blood hangs out for prolonged periods of time. How to find bed bugs is all about knowing where their food supplies hang out without moving most of time.

How to find bed bugs – Conclusion

You should now have a pretty good idea how to find bed bugs in your home if you have been infested at all. We hope for your sake that you have not, but, in case you have, keep in mind that there are many tips, tools, and products to help your war against these annoying parasites, which we will discuss in a future article, but it was important to first learn how to find bed bugs.