Bed bug eggs

Bed bugs are always very dangerous for the people. But bed bug eggs also can bring a lot of troubles. It is always very hard to find them at home, because of their small size. They are even less than the granule of the send. That’s why it is impossible to see them. Almost all the time, the female bed bugs lay their eggs in the hidden places, especially in the crackles. They also often hide in the mattresses of the beds. That’s why soon the sleep of the people can turn into a real nightmare. Bed bugs can also live in furniture. It is essential to examine all the pieces of furniture in the house during the cleaning. They produce at least onу egg in the day. But in some cases it produces several eggs in one day. So their amount increases all the time. During the term of the life one female bed bug usually produces nearly two hundreds of the eggs. First of all the bed bug eggs look like the tiny white eggs. The female bed bugs also produce special substance. It covers very carefully the bed bug eggs and safes them very effectively. They are almost attached to the surface of the floor or the bed with the help of this substance. But in this period of their life it is already possible to destroy them. It is better to try to brush them or clean with the hot water with some addition of the Clorox. Then the entire house must be vacuumed, because some of the eggs can survive. The vacuum cleaner helps to complete the removal.

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Some of the specialists advise to use special powder, which are able to remove not only bugs, but bed bug eggs too. It is very important to pay attention to their ingredients, because some of them have the toxic substances as the basic elements. They can damage the human health. Such cures are especially dangerous for the small children. Some doctors advise to take the alcohol sprays for this reason. They are very effective and don’t cause the side effects.

The bugs can survive only in the warm temperature. The cold air destroys them. That’s why the bugs always try to live in the protected warm place. The houses have all the necessary conditions for their safe life.

It is necessary to know that the hot temperature can do a lot of harm for the bed bug eggs. It is useful information for the people, who want to get rid of them. They can be easily killed with the help of the special steamers. Such devises are often used by the bugs’ exterminators. By the way, such treatment does no harm for the peoples or their belongings.

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When the bed bug eggs start to grow, they begin to look for the blood, which is their only meal. They begin to increase in the size very quickly. It will be much easier to see and remove them. But in the same time, they begin to damage people, living in the house. Their growth in this period is very intensive. Almost during the month the bed bug eggs will turn into the adult insects. They cause a lot of problems to the people. They suck the blood and cause terrible pain and the itching of the skin. They also help different infection to pass into the blood. It is very important to get rid of them as quickly, as it is possible.

In some degree even the nature can help to fight with the bed bug eggs. The thing is, that there are some another insects, which kills these parasites and help to prevent people from the bug bites.